Speedy CollisionRepair Process

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The Speedy Collision Repair Process

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Step 1

Here to help

At Speedy Collision we will take care of your worries. Speedy Collision considers your peace of mind our priority. One of our friendly qualified associates will meet with you to discuss your accident, collect your insurance information and answer any questions you may have regarding our repair process.
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Step 2

Estimate and contact insurance company

Speedy Collision will take care of the details for you. Our expert repair technicians will disassemble your vehicle so that we can accurately identify both internal and external damage. Using our extensive blueprinting process, we will create a living work order on your vehicle and a detailed repair plan, including a cost breakdown for you and your insurance company. A target return date for your vehicle will be provided to you and we will communicate with you if any delays occur.
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Step 3

Body and paint

At Speedy Collision, we care about the small details and provide impeccable repair standards. Our certified repair technicians will repair your vehicle on budget and on time. At Speedy Collision we ensure that quality control measures are in place throughout the repair process to guarantee that no details are overlooked. You will be kept informed regarding the status of your vehicle. You will be contacted prior to your vehicle return date, to discuss rental car procedures, payment options, pick up times and more.
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Step 4

Quality control

When your vehicle is ready, Speedy Collision technicians will conduct a final inspection, followed by a walk-through with you detailing the repairs done on your vehicle. We will return your vehicle looking like new. You will receive your warranty forms and your insurance company and our team will contact you to ensure your experience was a pleasant one.