Speedy CollisionThe Advantage


How do insurance companies benefit by choosing Speedy Collision?

1. Speedy Collision use proven performance models to continually outshine others in the industry.

Our process results in higher customer satisfaction, reduced cycle time, and lower average repair rates. This means an improved bottom line for claims. Year after year, insurers see improvements in expense ratios working with Speedy.

2. We help insurers meet their goals.

From the first moment your customer walks into to a Speedy Collision store, they are greeted with a smile and treated with respect. Our conversion rates with customers are high because our stores are clean and customer-friendly, our estimates are fair and accurate, and we spend the time explaining the repair process.

3. We care about measuring results.

At Speedy Collision, we manage and measure more than just cycle times. We look at statistics like repair vs. replace, OEM vs. AM, and even administration time. We also invest in Audatex and Mitchell Repair data technology to help our stores manage their individual performance and Key Performance Indicators.